This page is a tribute to the founder of Sempre Fedele and this website:


Marina Schaefer

* 3 Dec 1977
† 13 July 2010
We miss her very much but will always remember her.


She wil have a permanent place on this website and in our hearts. If you feel the need the write a personal memory of Marina please feel free to do so and send it to me. The more we all write of her the more she won't be forgotten.

 Maddy - In loving memory of Marina Schaefer

I remember that message
I couldn't believe
We laughed and made plans only yesterday
November in summer
A forest in grief
Left us standing in disarray
In every chord in every note we sing
You are there
When we were down you gave us wings
We won't forget
Light was falling
through the stained glass
St. Peter sights in harmony
Lighting a candle
as we say farewell
You're still a part of our family

In Memoriam Marina Schäfer

Marina came into our lives when she wanted to start a Fanclub after seeing one of our shows.After a lot of e-mails we knew she was a very special person; she became a friend and a part of the Kingfisher Sky Family. There fore she will be missed by us tremendously.